Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Credit cards: got my money back

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. The whole family has been sick, and it's hard to just get out of bed, much less take care of Viola and myself for a whole day.

Good news: I got my $15 interest payment refunded from the CC bank. I had them mail me a copy of my contract with them, and it clearly stated that I had at least a 25 day grace period. Document in hand, I called the bank for a third time and told the rep that they were in error and I'd be expecting my money back.

He agreed that there was a grace period... except when there was a late payment posted to the account, then the grace period reset to 0 for three billing cycles... wait, it wasn't late, there was fraud on the account and I wasn't liable for that payment (you told us that already? Oops, so sorry) they'll post a fix to my account shortly, would I like to sign up for our extended fraud protection for only $12.99 a month? NO, unless it protects me against fraud from my own bank!

For a bank that took $15 billion in TARP funds, you'd think they wouldn't need to grovel for $15. I'm searching for a new credit card. Recommendations welcome.


  1. you know I am learning to look into things too. Like for instance I write like one check a month, for rent. And I seriously hadn't ordered checks in like 4 years. So I finally had to, well...first look it was 20 bucks for check 15 for shipping (cause with checks you need to have a registered mail thing) BUT after looking further my bank gives FREE checks if they aren't duplicate AND the shipping was cheap WITH the monitoring.

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