Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Minimalist

I applied to be a guest blogger for We the Savers, the blog for ING Direct, but a different father, vegetarian, 30-ish white guy got the job instead of me. I look forward to following Matt's posts, but I was kind of looking forward to passing on savings advice to a wider audience--not just the three people who semi-regularly read my blog.

My regular blog has been languishing for a while, as I don't really want to broadcast stuff about my daughter for the whole world to read, so I thought I'd try out something new. I call it "The Minimalist", a phrase coined by my mother-in-law to describe how Tammy and I live. But it's not about austerity. It's about how we thrive on the minimum amount of money possible. It drives everything from how we take vacations, to our delicious homemade dinners, to how we're raising our daughter. And how we do it all sinisterly (i.e. from the left).

For those who don't know me, I'm a thirty-something stay-at-home dad living in the Bay Area. I'm married. My daughter is about to turn one, and I consult occasionally for a Palo Alto startup. I never eat meat, I eat fish rarely, and I love to to cook, but I especially enjoy baking bread.

For my first post, I'll take about budgeting.


  1. Vince,
    I saw your blog on Tammy's facebook page. I really appreciate the way you're taking pride in living within your means. It feels like it's a rare thing in the Bay Area.

    My husband and I bought a fixer upper house a few months ago. Once it's fixed up, it will be a house that will be easily affordable (less than some of my friends rent!). We're so proud of purchasing a home well withink our financial means until we hear "well, you'll live there for a few years and then upgrade". I'm trying to downgrade my purchasing life, not upgrade.
    Thanks for the blog. Keep it up.

  2. That should have said "well within our financial means"